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The PTO Update

August 14, 2022


We at the Parent Teacher Organization are so glad you are here! And guess what? You are automatically a member of the PTO just by being an ASH parent or staff member. You can attend meetings, volunteer, and share your ideas with us. All you have to do is come on by, check out our website, or email us with your questions and thoughts at


Upcoming PTO Events

Wed., Sept. 7, 9:00. First General PTO Meeting

All of you, yes YOU TOO, are welcome to attend our first monthly meeting of the school year. Whether you are a long-time volunteer or a new parent with motivation to see fun-filled events at our school, come see what we are all about. At this first meeting we will be talking about our calendar for the school year, assigning volunteers and expanding committees, and beginning planning the first of our big events, HALLOWEEN! We can't do it without you! Oh, and there will be coffee. Meet right after drop-off in the main school building, upstairs, room 2.75b (General Board Room). We look forward to meeting you!

Mon., Aug. 22, 9:00: Monday Morning Networking Welcome Meeting

I'll be honest; the Monday Morning Networking Program is our baby. Ask any parent who attended these meetings when they first moved here and they will tell you that they learned something useful. Throughout the first semester, we hold meetings to teach you all about life in your new home country--from driving to health care to shopping to sightseeing. In the spring, we take you on interesting and fun tours in the region to enrich your experience here. And what else? We socialize! Attending MMN is the best, most guaranteed way to find and create lasting friendships. Join our first meeting to get to know us and share your stories about moving and living the expat life. And drink more coffee! We meet in the ABF building, next to the main school (see map below). Find all MMN events on the PTO calendar:


Upcoming Community Events

Tue., Aug. 30, 7pm: Cub Scouts Virtual Open House

Join with this link:

Sign your kids up for the Cub Scouts and they are sure to have a joyous, memorable experience. Running around a campfire with flashlights and marshmallows? Yes please!

Pssst. Do YOU have a Community Event that you would like the PTO to advertise? Maybe you play in a local adult sports team, or you are trying to form an after-school cooking club. Whatever you're up to in your spare time, feel free to let us know. Just email


What to do on the Weekend?

Go boating in Leiden

This summer is warmer than usual in the Netherlands, so I recommend packing in all your watersports and beach-napping now, before the fall hits. (If this is your first year here, you will discover that winters can be slightly gloomy.) The nearby town of Leiden, besides being absolutely gorgeous, is riddled with boat-filled canals which also lead to an expansive lake, complete with islands and marsh birds. So do what the locals do and rent a boat for a few hours--no license needed. All the rental companies provide you with a map and life jackets and then you're free to explore wherever the canals may lead. Pack a bag of snacks and be sure to duck your head under those low bridges! The company I used last weekend was Columbus Watersport for a 12-person electric sloop. Nothing could have been easier! you like to write as much as I do?

Do you think you can do this better than me?

Want to try your hand at writing the newsletter?

Email me at!


I hope you meet you soon!

-Frances Joseph

PTO President

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