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The PTO Update

Updated: May 3, 2022

May 1st, 2022


Upcoming PTO Events

Mon., May 9th, 9:30: MMN Walk and Talk in De Horsten Park

We are expecting the warm spring weather to return any day (or week?) now, so it is time to get outside and walk away any leftover winter blues. De Horsten is one of the many lovely manor estate parks in and around Wassenaar and The Hague, and it is perfect for spring flora viewing. What better way to experience the soothing balm of nature than with a casual, social, walk--no stress or thinking required? It is an easy bike or drive from town, with a spacious parking lot. Maybe we'll even stop for a pick-me-up at the tea house in the woods.

Tues., May 10th, 8:30-9:30: Open PTO Meeting

There are still a number of important things happening with the PTO this spring. We are still preparing the Spring Market and Teacher Appreciation, and looking for fun ideas for wrapping up the school year. Come on by! We want to see you, and if you can find a few moments to volunteer, you are extra-specially invited! We will meet in the UE Atrium again, and this time, there WILL be coffee.

Sat., May 14th, 10am-3pm: PTO Spring Market

What is better than shopping with your local community entrepreneurs? Doing it on campus, in the springtime, with your friends! Unfortunately this year's Holiday Bazaar couldn't happen in person, but we are making up for it with an even bigger, better Spring Market. There will be 30 vendors selling handmade items, foods, and a variety of local services. Guess what? Many of our vendors are ASH parents! Buy and support the enterprising spirit of our community. And if you are traveling home for the summer, it is a perfect opportunity to buy gifts. The Market will be held in the UE atrium. Also, we are looking for volunteers to help out at the event: setting up the space, directing guests, taking down the market, etc. If you are coming to shop, why not spend an hour helping out as well? Please sign up here:

Planning for next year's International Festival: Choosing a Theme

We are confident that next year, the PTO will be able to host an international festival that is in-person, exciting, and full of fun activities. We have begun planning for the Spring 2023 event, and we want your ideas! The first step is choosing a Theme. The theme of the recent Festival was "Stronger Together," alluding to our community togetherness in getting through the pandemic. What should be the topic of next year's festival? The Theme should be a short slogan, like "Stronger Together," or "Colorful Cultures," or "Green is more than a color." The International Festival is a celebration of YOU, the ASH families, and your diverse cultures, so the Theme should come from you as well. Send us your ideas to by May 16th. The Theme will then be chosen by a vote. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


Community Events

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2nd-6th

This week the United States, and ASH, celebrate our incredible, brilliant, and hardworking teachers. We wouldn't have the amazing school we have today without their devotion, innovation, and knowledge. We encourage you and your children to send their teachers (both homeroom and special subjects!) handmade cards, drawings, crafts, treats, or videos. The PTO will be hosting a Build A Burrito food truck for the teachers to have a unique, fun lunch on May 6th. We hope they find it lekker!

Every Monday, 18:30-20:00: Adult Volleyball

Your kids don't need to be the only ones playing sports and having fun! If you enjoy a friendly game of volleyball, but also don't mind letting your competitive streak shine, come out and join the Coed Adult League (both women and men). Games are held in the ASH Main Gym every Monday evening that school is in session.

Tues., May 31st, 6:30-7:30pm: Counselor-Parent Workshop--

Gender Identity & Belonging at Home

Families of all backgrounds are warmly welcome to this interactive event, facilitated by Dr. Emily Meadows, LGBTQ+ Consultant for International Schools. Parents and guardians are increasingly aware of conversations around gender identity in our school and community and, however well-intentioned, may feel they need more information to talk about it with their children and young adults. Understanding gender development, as well as effective means to affirm and support children of all genders, builds confidence for more constructive discussions, and nurtures parent-child relationships. This session offers a researched-backed understanding of gender development, with an emphasis on identity and belonging, and provides a facilitated environment in which to explore this topic with your own family members and others in the ASH community. The workshop will be held in the MS library and refreshments will be provided.

There will be free child care for anyone under the age of 10.

More information about Dr. Emily Meadows can be found here:


What to do on the Weekend?

NXT Museum

Looking for a quirky, kid-friendly museum for a fun afternoon? Check out this small museum of digital art. It is currently featuring eight immersive exhibitions where lights, animations, and sounds surround and surprise you. Kids and adults alike will be amazed and delighted by floors that follow them and walls that come alive. Located in a small building in North Amsterdam, it is a great way to round out a day of shopping and lunching in the Big City. The museum only takes an hour, unless your kids keep dancing in the lasers! See the details at

Goudse Hout (Gouda Woods)

Stretch your legs in this small yet incredible woods and polder combo. A network of walking paths, bike paths, and bridges traverse a gridwork of canals, some holding farm animals, some with shoulder-high grass and pheasants, and some with patches of forest. The kids can run wild and you can observe a wide variety of birds. In the springtime, you will be inundated with flowers and all their wonderful aromas. Your day will be even better if after you walk, you head into the main square of downtown Gouda for a bowl of cheese soup and some cheese purchases!

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