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The PTO Update

January 30th, 2022


Thank you to all who participated in our International Festival! A special thanks to all the country representatives who provided fascinating facts, tempting recipes, and incredible baskets for your ASH community. And congrats to all the basket winners! We know you must be looking forward to munching away on all your wild and delicious treats.

Family-contributed recipes are still up on our site, so feel free to peruse them and plan some delicious dinners for the coming weeks!

Upcoming PTO Events

Mon., Jan. 31, 9:30: Walk and Talk with MMN at Meijendel

Now that the lockdown has lifted, shut off that computer, slide into your sneakers, and get out and socialize with your fellow ASH parents. We will take a nice, easy nature walk around this lovely forest-and-dune park, just outside of Wassenaar. To comply with regulations, we will walk in small groups. We can't wait to see you for some fresh air and fresh conversation! We will meet outside of the pancake house:

Mon., Feb. 7, 9:30: Monday Morning Networking, European Travel Tips (Virtual)

You live in Europe, so make the most of life on the Continent by planning a few (or a lot!) of cross-border wanderings. Join us for excellent tips and suggestions for EU travel, plus find out about group-travel opportunities with our guest speaker, Angie Corry. This former ASH mom and MMN leader will share her wide experience, plus invite you to her women's travel club 'Adventurously Yours.' From Christmas markets to Polish pottery, find a tour that suits you best, or just come for the ideas!


Important Information:

If you're feeling confused about what the local and travel regulations are now that the "hard lockdown" has ended, find it all spelled out clearly (and officially) at this government website:


What to do on the Weekend?

Kinderboeken Museum: Hooray! Museums are open again! And since it's not quite spring weather yet, this interactive institute based around children's books is a fun option. Read with your children in the magical storytime tent, discover famous and well-loved Dutch authors, climb through the alphabet obstacle course, and let your kids create their own stories. Exhibits are in both Dutch and English. Find out more here:

Boerderij ‘t Geertje: The sun is starting to peep through at unexpected moments these days, so if you see it, don't wait to get outside. A perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon is this fun, working farm, full of family activities. You can visit all the animals in their barns, and as spring rolls on, all the brand-new babies will be there for your close-up viewing, and even petting. The menagerie includes goats, sheep, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Kids can take a pony ride, or tumble down the giant hay slide. You can eat pannenkoeken at the restaurant, discover goat-milk ice cream, and buy a plethora of fresh, homemade products in the farm shop. You can even rent a rowboat and glide down the adjacent canal. The farm is located just outside Zoetermeer, and the drive there itself is a magical journey through quaint villages and pastures. Take the back roads! Get all the info at

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