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The PTO Update

February 13, 2022


Did Monday Morning Networking help you when you moved here?

Did you enjoy the pre-Covid lunches and other social meet-ups?

Do you wish adult education would come back?

Do you like walking tours, craft making, and holiday bazaars?

Do you want to see Trunk-or-Treat happen next year, or an in-person International Festival with food, music, dancing, and costumes?

Do you have fun and amazing ideas for events you'd like the PTO to host, such as Parents' Parties, Kids' Contests, or Dads' Days Out?

All of these programs and more will be gone next year if we don't have people like YOU to volunteer for PTO Board and Committee positions. Don't wait for someone else to do it, because we need YOU. There are multiple roles you could fill, even if you only have a little extra time.
Email the secretary right away with your interest at
Thank you!!



Applications for CTA Funds are now open!

Every year, the PTO awards money to worthy and sustainable projects from our Contributions to ASH (CTA) Fund. Any faculty member, student, or parent can apply for this grant for a project that has a maximum positive impact on the ASH community. This could be equipment, supplies, or start-up capital for a new program. The PTO Board will review and vote on the most deserving projects--and based on your monetary request, multiple grants could be awarded.

For all the rules and to apply, visit

Applications are due March 25th.


Upcoming PTO Event

Mon., Feb. 21, 10 am: Clara Maria Cheese Farm with MMN

Come learn all about how Dutch wooden shoes are made, and maybe even help chop some wood yourself! Then get your hands in the curd vat and make your own wheels of cheese. This lovely family clog-and-cheese farm will transport you right into the heart of Dutch history and farming culture. You will get to taste a dizzying array of handmade cheeses, from beer-flavored to ginger, and you won't be able to quit shopping in their massive souvenir shop. Details will be available soon at


Upcoming Community Event

Mar. 9th; Apr. 6th; May 4th, 9:00 am, Counselor-Parent Book Club

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with ASH counselors and

talk about issues important to the well-being of your children and your family as a whole. This spring, the Counselor-Parent Book Club is reading Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

The book is available as an e-book from Amazon.

To join, email Lauren Kohlenberg at


What to do on the Weekend?

Museum Beelden aan Zee

Where art meets the sea! Check out this tiny museum of GIANT sculptures, buried in the dunes right behind the Scheveningen Boulevard. The exhibits and the surrounding landscape blend perfectly together in this gorgeous, light-filled space. When you finish gazing at the indoor exhibits, hop outside and let the kids marvel at the fun storybook statues sprawling all over the boulevard itself. This museum is a true hidden gem!

Nationaal Park de Biesbosch

Get away from town and get into nature with this not-too-far national park. A wide variety of trails and landscapes provide something for everyone, from wetlands and woods, to boating and birdwatching. There is even a Biesbosch Museum where you can learn all about the local wildlife and the history of Dutch water management. Stop in the café for a piece of pie. Don't forget to pack your rain pants!

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