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PTO Looking for New Recruits

We're ready to recruit some new faces for our PTO team! With several of our current leadership moving at the end of the school year, we're looking to enlist enthusiastic parents from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets who can breathe some fresh ideas into the many programs and activities you've come to enjoy at ASH—from Monday Morning Networking and Parent Welcoming to annual special events and Spirit Wear. New board and committee members will be installed in March. Please consider how you might use your skills and talents with the PTO next school year so this organization can continue to enhance the ASH experience for families and teachers alike. Here are the roles we need to fill by Feb. 19:

  • President (board position): Are you a big-picture thinker? Do you like encouraging others and coming alongside team members as they put ideas and plans into action? This position liaisons with ASH leadership and makes sure PTO operates within the framework of the bylaws and other requirements. If you like to be in-the-know and want to partner closely with the school's mission and vision, we're ready to talk with you!

  • Vice-President #1 (board position): A president needs a trusty sidekick who can step in if necessary. The VP1 oversees PTO committees and serves as the contact for Committee Chairs for questions about scope of responsibilities, events, and processes.

  • Vice-President #2 (board position): What's better than one veep? How about two! According to our bylaws, the VP2 is responsible for ensuring the compliance of all officers and committees in regards to the usage and procedures of the PTO website and GDPR/privacy rules. Website maintenance would also fall under this role.

  • Secretary (board position): If you enjoy making lists and checking off tasks, this might be just the job for you! The secretary organizes PTO meetings, sets agendas, takes minutes/notes, and manages the volunteer list.

  • Communications Manager (non-voting position under the Secretary): This newsletter could be part of your job, along with posting fun stuff on Facebook and our website. If you've got a way with words or enjoy putting your marketing knowledge to work, then this flexible role would be a good fit. An overachieving Secretary could take this on as part of their job, too.

  • Spirit Wear Store Coordinator (committee position): If you've got that ASH spirit and a knack for marketing, we want YOU! This fun volunteer role is responsible for procuring merchandise to sell in order to build camaraderie in the school and help financially support PTO activities. Great opportunity for those who think of themselves as entrepreneurs.

  • Monday Morning Networking (committee volunteers): This committee is a great place to get your feet wet with the PTO. Volunteers are needed to help pull together next year's slate of topics and field trips designed to help new families settle into life abroad. Since most of these activities repeat on a cycle, helping out is pretty easy! If you've benefited from this program, consider paying it forward!

  • Parent Welcomers (committee volunteers): Parent Welcomers are the friendly faces who greet new families at ASH, show them around the campus, answer questions about settling in, and help newcomers get plugged into the school community beginning with Monday Morning Networking. This committee offers a great way to give back—because we all remember what it's like to walk in those shoes.

Serving with the PTO is a great way to get to know your school, make friends, and even help you stay sharp for your next job if you're currently on hiatus. The goal is to make these jobs as flexible as possible to fit your life and allow you to put your own spin on them. If you have any questions about any of these opportunities, please send us an email at We'd love to talk to you and start showing you the ropes!

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