International Festival 2021

Flag Bingo!

Join us at 11am on March 20th to play!

When you receive your Flag Bingo card, it will look like the below, each card has a different set of Country flags on it.

Come and join us for a fun game of Flag Bingo! Bingo cards are available when you purchase your Country Basket Raffle tickets, lots of prizes to be won!

How to play?

When you purchase your Country Basket Raffle tickets you will be automatically sent your Flag Bingo cards, make sure you keep these safe.

The Flag Bingo! caller will call out flags, when the caller says the name of a flag you have on your card, you cross that flag out on your card


Players should continue to cross out the flags on their cards whenever the corresponding flag is called 

A player wins if they get 5 covered squares in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row and they shout out BINGO!

Once Bingo! has been shouted, the caller will stop and the details of the player will be taken ready for prize giving, but remember you MUST shout Bingo! before the next flag has been called to win a prize!

Prizes include Spiritwear neck buffs, stickers, magnets and more!

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