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Contributions to ASH

Deadline for applications is Thursday, Dec. 19.  

Do you have an idea or a special project you think could help the school?  Have you seen a need at ASH that you'd like to see addressed?  Contributions to ASH (CTA) provides a way for the PTO to earmark funds to supplement current needs across all divisions and programs of the school, from the arts and sciences to athletics and facilities. 

Last year alone, a €10,000 CTA grant was awarded to jumpstart a STEM program that opens more science and technology opportunities for students, including these fifth graders from Mr. Wisken's IT class who were able to build their own robots with kits purchased through the PTO. 

ASH faculty, staff, parents, and students are eligible to submit CTA applications.  Proposals should benefit a sizeable portion of the ASH population—relative to cost—and are intended to be one-time contributions to a program, event, or department. Faculty applicants are required to check with their division principal before submitting requests to ensure they are aligned with administration goals and not already covered in the budget.  The deadline for applications is Thursday, Dec. 19.  




PTO Guidelines for Contributions to ASH 


  • Contributions to ASH (CTA) are a mechanism for the PTO to use funds it has raised to provide monetary support for the school. 

  • The contributions are intended to be items that will supplement the current needs of the school. 

  • Any staff member, parent, or student may make a request. 

  • Contributions are given entirely at the discretion of the PTO. 

  • The CTA procedure should be viewed as the method of selecting contributions - not as an approval or denial of requests. 


Evaluation Criteria 

  • Contributions to ASH should provide maximum impact  in terms of positive contributions and goodwill. 

  • Should benefit large numbers of the ASH population, relative to cost. 

  • Capital purchases are appropriate. 

  • Speakers and special events that benefit a wide range of the ASH population are appropriate. 

  • Not appropriate for charity giving. 

  • Not appropriate for individual expenses for fees or transportation. 

  • Before submitting, applicants must check with the Division Principal that their requests are aligned with administration goals and not already covered in the budget. 


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