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What have you missed

in and around Wassenaar?

Scavenger Hunt Map

Maybe you just moved here. Or maybe you've lived in this area for years. Either way, most of us aren't going anywhere any time soon.  But there's amazing opportunity in our current circumstances to explore the treasures right here in and around our community.  How many of us often regret failing to appreciate what's right in front of us? This outdoor, family-friendly, socially distanced activity is your chance to leave no stone unturned—and discover that there are little gems lying all around us. 

Download our map and *scavenger hunt checklist below to scope out 32 unique spots in and around Wassenaar that showcase natural beauty, architectural wonder, local art, and WW2 history.  It's fun. It's educational. It's FREE!  (A word that sounds really nice during lockdown!).  PLUS, you can even enter a drawing for a €35 gift certificate to our Spirit Wear Store! **Rules are explained in the checklist.  Happy hunting!

*Learn more about the scavenger hunt sites in the presentation below.

**Please use the utmost caution and observe all current health regulations released by the Dutch government. You can find the official RIVM guidelines here.

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