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OVER 60 baskets, representing 30 countries and 30 other donated items from local vendors! Vouchers for physical training sessions, Dutch lessons, children's books, party supplies, and even €150 voucher toward and active play birthday party! You don't have to be present to win, but we hope you will come and enjoy the festivities!


International Festival 2023


This basket lets you sample traditional Albanian eats including white wine, raki, olive oil, mixed pickles, sweet pepper dip, cheese-filled peppers, fig jam, Golden Eagle energy drink, pumpkin seeds, and paprika.

Isle of Man

Though tiny in size, the Isle of Man has some great unique treats, which are featured in this overflowing basket. Check out its stuffed Manx cat, Manx cat Book, tea towel map of the Isle of Man, Manx paper serviettes, Manx biscuits, Manx popcorn, Manx lemon and herb hot sauce, Manx plum, rose and patchouli room spray, set of three dressings (Manx), Fairy Bridge tea bags, Manx luxury spiced turmeric granola, Manx honey, Manx phrase book, Manx Triskelion book, fairy bridge magnet, Manx “Three Legs” milk chocolate, Manx gin, Okells ale, cheese assortment, Manx letter opener, Manx pen, and Manx lip balm.


The baskets representing Spain each contain a plethora of tasty Spanish treats including olive oil, sangria, olives, sweet paprika, chocolate, toasts, paella rice, aioli, salsa brava, apricot sweets, and chips.

Kelly's Expat Shopping

Thank you to our sponsor Kelly's Expat Shopping for the donation of a basket of delicious American and British treats and eats. With a range of much-loved brands like Kraft, Cheetos, Lucky Charms, Branston, Cadbury, Uncle Ben's, and many other brands, Kellys Expat Shopping is your one-stop shop for UK & USA groceries!


The Venezuela basket contains traditional Venezuelan crafts and treats including harina P.A.N. (White corn flour), rum Pampero (authentic Venezuelan rum), pirulin (wafer rolls with chocolate and hazelnut), a decorative Venezuelan hammock, cocosettes (cookies filled with coconut cream), frescolita (Venezuelan soda),
Venezuelan-crafted napkin rings, and small rattán basket.


Thank you to our sponsor SooFrench for a delicious French gift basket including a bottle of Cointreau, butter, and other French products. At SooFrench you can immerse yourself in the French casual atmosphere. A lunchroom and shop in one. Come and have breakfast, lunch, or drinks. Healthy and tasty, the French know very well how to do that!

Chaussette Lingerie & Badmode

Thank you to our sponsor Chaussette Lingerie & Badmode for their donation of two baskets, one containing a beach bag and toiletry pouch and the other with a €25 voucher. Chaussette Lingerie and Swimwear focuses on serving women of all sizes in a relaxed atmosphere, assisting them in finding just the right swimwear, lingerie, bridal lingerie, larger cup sizes, nightwear, shapewear, tights, and sports bras

The Little Bookshop NL

Thank you to our sponsor The Little Bookshop NL for their donation of five baskets of books - picture books, for kids 6+, for kids 9+, for kids 13+, and for adults. The Little Bookshop is an independent family-owned shop, situated in the beautiful village of Wassenaar, specializing in English language books for children.


The China basket provides a great assortment of Chinese treats including spicy peanuts, guiling jelly, hawthorn cake, Qingdao beer, sunflower seeds, Chenpi Mei, Want Want Snow Cake, and red dates.

Midwest USA

The Midwest USA basket will make you feel like a real Midwesterner thanks to its soft sherpa blanket and collapsible basket, which you can use for a relaxed picnic with wild rice soup, Dot’s pretzels, brownies, and the quintessential Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

De Groen BV

Thank you to our sponsor De Groen BV for their donation of a basket of some of their most sought-after products. De Groen Pens & Stationery carries the finest brands of leather goods, luggage, stationery, writing instruments, and school supplies.

Playball Netherlands

Thank you to our sponsor Playball Netherlands for the donation of a party voucher valued at €150.

Bagel Alley

Thank you to our sponsor Bagel Alley for the donation of two €25 vouchers and a voucher for high tea for two


Are you a Francophile? The France basket features Bois D’Orange perfumed soap, an Edmond Fallot variety mustard pack, St. Michel cookies, and a bottle of Antech Limoux Brut.


The German baskets have some great treats from our neighbor, including a puzzle, roadmap with ideas for where to visit in Germany, pretzels with dip recipe, sausages, Eisbein, jam, muesli bar, Haribo bears, chocolates, and bio herb lemonade.


The Austrian basket contains a great assortment of regional treats including Skiwasser - sweat sirup, Soletti - salted breadsticks, Kurbiskernol - Pumpkin seed oil (salad dressing, not for cooking!), Kremser Senf - sweat mustard, Kamin Wurzen - pickled sausages from Tyrol, Bauernjause - bacon, Eierspatzle - traditional side dish for a meaty main course, Manner Schnitten - vegan snack: wafers, Mozartkugeln - classic chocolate and marzipan balls, Nockerlgriess - special flour for dumplings (to be eaten in a soup), Mohn - poppyseeds for baking, Feldkirchner Waldhonig - biological forest honey, and Preiselbeermarmelade - cranberry jam (often eaten on the side with Spatzle and meat).

Silvias Feestwinkel

Thank you to our sponsor Silvias Feestwinkel for the donation of a party supply basket, including gift bags and balloons. Silvia's Feestwinkel is a Wassenaar store offering party supplies, decorations, and services

Keurslager Groeneveld

Thank you to our sponsor Keurslager Groeneveld for the donation of three vouchers. Keurslager Groeneveld focuses on poultry, veal, lamb, beef, and pork. They also carry ready-made meals, BBQ products, gourmet food products, and snacks

South Africa

The South African basket features the treats and décor that will make you feel like you are there – NikNak chips, zoo biscuits, biltong, rooibos tea, red wine, TV, Peppermint crisp and Lunch bar chocolate bars, chicken spice, ouma rusks, romany cream biscuits, Maynard's sweets, jelly, tea towel, and an elephant key ring.

Kuyper De Visspecialist

Thank you to our sponsor Kuyper De Visspecialist for the donation of vouchers valued at €60. Kuyper De Visspecialist has been located in the center of Wassenaar for decades. This old-fashioned shop is now operated by the 3rd generation. Patrick Kuyper and his team are happy to welcome you to the recently renovated store, paying close attention to the service to the customer.


The Polish basket features a delightful assortment of items including plant pot Bolesławiec, Polish phrase book, About Polska – guidebook, Napkins Krakow, dark chocolate covered gingerbread with orange flavored filling, Soplica - quince and hazelnut schnapps, plum jam, shortbread cookies, milk chocolate with toffee filling, milk chocolate with blueberry and wild strawberries filling, salted pretzel crackers, cocoa coated dragees coconut, Ptasie Mleczko (vanilla marshmallow in dark chocolate), cherry jelly covered in dark chocolate, Princessa - wafer layered with cocoa cream covered with milk chocolate, Kabanos (dried sausage-veal), and cherry Jaffa cakes.

Delicious Sweetness

Thank you to our sponsor De Lekkerste Brownies for their donation of a €30 voucher. Delicious Sweetness is an artisanal chocolatier in The Hague, focused on making the tastiest handmade chocolates, brownies, and macarons.


The Australia basket will make you feel like you are down under and includes vegemite, BBO meat rub, jumbleberry jam, hot and spicy dukkah, hot and garlicky herbs, Aussie kalamata olives, Tim Tams, Australian Calendar, Women's Weekly Cookbooks, drink bottle, tea towel, reusable bag, magnet, Aussie red and white wines, and a koala soft toy.


The Swedish basket features delightful treats that will make your mouth water including GLÖGG, X4 SNAPS, beer, lösgodis, belöning, dumle, daim, coffee beans, knäckebröd, kafferep, and sylt blåbär.

Dutch for Children

Thank you to our sponsor Dutch for Children for their donation a voucher for Dutch language classes. The online Dutch private lessons of Dutch for Children are tailor-made. The classes are guided by the learning of the child, the child’s education level, the child’s interest, and the goals you set as parents. We have a flexible range of Dutch online lessons, depending on your and your child’s needs.!


Thank you to our sponsor Yarnia for their donation of a unique crocheted toy.

Julie's American Cookies

Thank you to our sponsor Julie's American Cookies for the donation of delicious box of their signature cookies.

US Southern

The Southern USA basket is a BBQ lover’s dream, complete with a grill set, grilling gloves, and a plethora of BBQ rubs and sauces. And those in the know will appreciate the Zatarains red beans and rice mix and Community Coffee to complete your delicious meal.

Boerderij Nellesteijn

Thank you to our sponsor Boerderij Nellesteijn for donating a basket of locally produced farm products. Boerderijs Nellesteijn is a modern dairy farm on the outskirts of Wassenaar. This family farm uses its milk daily to make artisan farmers' cheese and other dairy products.


This basket contains products for you to prepare delicious Brazilian recipes including
a ceramic bowl, a wooden pestle, an aluminum shaker, a plastic mini-board, a fruit knife, cachaça (liquor), black beans, farofa (yuca flour), condensed milk, cotton dishcloth, and a folder with Brazilian recipes.
Prepare brigadeiros to celebrate a birthday. Make a toast with a refreshing caipirinha! Add an extra healthy treat to your breakfast with tapioca! In the mood for homemade food, prepare a caldinho de feijão. Eat a pão de queijo - a perfect gluten-free snack for any time.

Mr. Timesaver

Thank you to our sponsor Mr. Timesaver for the donation of three baskets, each containing a €27 voucher. Mr. Timesaver is an on-demand laundry & dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service. You can set the date-and-time for your pick-up and your delivery, according to your schedule.


The treats in the Italy basket will make you feel like you are there on vacation. The basket includes "Ponti" balsamic vinegar, "Aglianico" wine, lemon cream liquor, lemon soda, orange soda, "La Casareccia" tomato pasta sauce, herb & spice mix for Arrabbiata pasta, pesto alla Genovese, pasta "Orecchiette", pasta "Fusilli", taralli "Treccine", taralli "Classici", orange marmelada, forest fruit jam, chocolate & hazelnut Torrone, "Savoiardi" cookies, "Gocciole" cookies, "Baiocchi" cookies, an Italy cooking apron, and a 25% discount at the hair salon Insieme.

South Korea

The South Korean basket provides a great assortment of Korean treats including a pencil case and pencil set, cloth-wrapped wind chime, Korean fan, Soju (Korean distilled spirits ), seaweed crisps, Korean pancake mix, and seasoned laver.

Tuincentrum De Bosrand

Thank you to our sponsor Tuincentrum De Bosrand for their donation of a €25 voucher. Tuincentrum De Bosrand De Bosrand is unique, being a company consisting of three nurseries, two wholesalers, and five garden centers. The plants grown at their nurseries are sold in their garden centers, and by their wholesalers

New England USA

The New England basket provides a delicious sampling of the tastes of the region including clam chowder, clams, Old Bay seasoning, Dunkin’ coffee, and maple syrup. You will also get to feel like a real New Englander with your Patriots tote, Greetings from Maine pillow, and “A Little Taste of Cape Cod” mini cookbook.


The Kazakhstan basket comes with an amazing assortment including a cushion case with the national ornament, Kazakhstan: Nomadic Routes from Caspian to Altai paperback, English edition by Dagmar Schreiber and Jeremy Tredinnick, felt toys (4 pieces), felt coaster, a coffee mug with Kazakh motives, designed by AizhanArtDesign, desk calendar illustrated by AizhanArtDesign, chocolate "Kazakhstan," traditional Kazakh honey cake "chak-chak," and wall decoration with steppe motives.

Wijnwinkel Marius Wassenaar

Thank you to our sponsor Wijnwinkel Marius Wassenaar for their donation of a wine basket.

Girl Scout cookies

Do you miss your Girl Scout cookies? Well don’t miss out on this basket from the Girl Scouts of The Hague. It has everyone’s favorite Thin Mints and all the things you need for your own s’mores party


The Hungarian basket features delightful treats that will make your mouth water including wine, desserts, goose liver paste, paprika, bouillon pasta, herbal liqueur, chocolate, and other sweets, all of which you can serve on a beautiful, hand embroidered table cloth.

Aerofit Healthclub

Thank you to our sponsor Aerofit Healthclub for the donation of three baskets, each containing a voucher for a four week pass and water bottle.


The basket gives you all the tastes of our neighbors to the south including Belgian beer, Liege waffles, speculoos, pralines, Jules Destrooper biscuits, and the quintessential Belgian mayonnaise.


The Indonesian basket features the treats and décor that will make you feel like you are there – Pandan chiffon cake mix, coconut cream, tempe chips, granola bites, Luwak white koffie, along with a Batik table cloth and fan, traditional bowls and salad set.

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