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Woody Buddy

High quality unique and customized gifts like custom coasters, wall art designs, accesories for eveybody who is dear to you.

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Woody Buddy

Woody Buddy efforts to build high quality , unique and customized gifts like custom coasters , wall art designs , accesories for eveybody who is dear to you.

Woody Buddy offers you a wide range of personalized handmade wood burning crafts and living accessories. With original creativity, funny ideas and delightful details, magical unique pieces are created. Like map coasters with city your heart desires to illustrated portraits that is dear to you. These have all been made with a lot of love to make everybody happy.

How did Woody Buddy come to be, though?
The founder of Woody Buddy is Kadir Saglam who relocated to the Netherlands in 2018. He had more than 20 years of professional experience customer relation management. At the same time during 2008 - 2018 he had a career of a DJ performer. To be creative makes me happy is his motto. He started pyrography and engraving (which he had courses in the past) to create unique gifts to his family and friends. By the time it becomes a small business. With every piece we build Quality and a Smile is our aim.

How does Woody Buddy stay eco-friendly?
Sustainability is very important to us, so we make sure to use as many eco friendly sourced materials as we can. We We do not use any chemicals, dyes or stains during production.
The darkness you will see in our products is purely the burned wood. This also makes for an elegant natural look.
Electricity that we use %100 green energy produced from our own solar panels.

Our products are the most wonderful and unique ways to keep the places you love and the beautiful memories in your mind and heart.
It's time to fill your home with beautiful memories (like honeymoon , wedding , first date , first kiss , birth ) of your unforgettable travels.

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