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De Limonade Meisjes en Likeurmeisjes

Eggnug, soft alcoholic liqueurs, soft alcoholic Italian Limoncello

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De Limonade Meisjes en Likeurmeisjes

My name is Petra de Koning and for many years I have been making liqueurs - likorettes - from natural ingredients such as strawberry, lemon, licorice, ginger, cinnamon and orange under the name Liqueur Girls .

I also make Italian liqueurs - Limoncello Sorrentino and Arancello Siciliano - under the name Monella Liquori . For some time I started making syrups and that resulted in the Lemonade Girls. I have also developed a very tasty little lawyer, outrageously delicious according to some, under the name Roosje's Advocaatje .

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