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Vinta salome Photgrams

Photography that is seen for what we do, for who we are and for all the things that make us unique.

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Vinta salome Photgrams

It was during the very early stages of learning my craft that I discovered outdoor photography was my true calling. I am fascinated by people and places, I love to travel and have lived in three different countries. Being free to wander the streets of a new city with my camera, exploring and discovering its unique essence through hidden corners and forgotten streets is what truly lights me up. I love watching for the way natural light touches a surface, the dazzle of a certain reflection or suddenly coming upon a charming window display that speaks to the heart and soul of a place. It’s those tiny moments and glimpses of life that might otherwise go unnoticed that I love to capture and share.

This travel collection is inspired by a deep love and reverence for postcards and old photo albums. When I was a child my dad used to send us postcards from his travels and they never failed to thrill me, connecting me instantly to a place and creating a sense of wonder.

I am intrigued by those tangible moments, images that can leap out of the past and into your heart. By photographing the things that move me emotionally, I hope to pass that happiness on to others, connecting people visually and moving them without language.

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