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Reinoud Brandt

Pen drawings of landmarks in Europe, the USA and more, presented by the artist.
Also consignment orders of your home or your town, graduation frames, collages.

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Reinoud Brandt

You will find here a great collection of fine pen-and-ink drawings of cityscapes, famous buildings and other well-known sights of the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Our drawings portray the current situation in a nostalgic ambiance, resulting in a timeless addition to any interior. Compose your own unique picture from the approximately 2000 pen-and-ink drawings and over 60 framing possibilities. A bespoke drawing is a tasteful way to immortalize your house or other object, or to boast about where you’re from or the places you have been. Perfect for yourself, as a gift or as a promotional gift.

Reinoud Brandt Drawings was founded in 1982 by the artist, Reinoud Brandt. You may have seen our work through the years at one of the many art fairs or markets, or hanging on someone’s wall. Over the course of the past decades we have expanded into an internationally-operating company working on both large and small scale with gift shops, art galleries, mulitnational corporations and (local) governments.

There’s a good chance that our collection already contains drawings of places that have a special meaning for you, so please consult our index to find out. Ordering online is easy, and the drawings will be sent to your home or business.

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