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Parent-Staff Talent Show

Usually our children are the ones taking the stage to perform for us, singing, dancing, acting, playing instruments—you’ve been to their concerts!

But what if, for once, it is WE who perform for THEM?

Can you sing? Play an instrument? Juggle? Act silly in a sketch? Do magic tricks? Anything that can be shown on stage? Now is your time to shine.

February 11, 3pm-5/530pm  (MAIN CAMPUS THEATER)

Become famous

Solo, duet, ensemble acts welcome!  Students can accompany , but adults must be the star!
If you can join us with a 5-10-minute act, please sign up below

Deadline to sign up is January 27th.

For questions about possible acts or other info please email Talent Show Coordinator José Beltrán @ 
Audience Laughing

Sit back and be entertained

Simply want to attend the show and enjoy the performances of your peers? 

Tickets will soon be on sale in the Spirit Wear Store!

All funds raised go back into PTA activities to benefit YOU!

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